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May all become compassionate and wise

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 A Reading from the Isha Upanishad   The Self is one, unmoving, swifter than the mind.  The senses lag, but the It moves ahead.  Unmoving, it outruns pursuers.  It being there, Air[1] supports all activities.   Unmoving, it moves. It is far away, yet near. It is ...

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Events Calendar

January 2021


2011 brought forth 3 New CD's and these can be readily heard and purchased at CDBABY

Hare Yeshu--Cyprian with Gitanjali Lori Rivera and others. 





  Ecstasis --Cyprian's arrangements of original and classic tunes and traditional Indian melodies combine to take the listener on a uplifting musical journey.





The Ground We Share (Original Songs) with Gitanjali Lori Rivera

"A collection of songs designed to illustrate how different religious viewpoints can come together for common convictions." -Santa Cruz Sentinel.

CDs are available on CDBaby, itunes, OCP, and Amazon mp3 downloads. Napster, Rhapsody, and other online sources too.  Full list of recordings  here


Find Cyprian on You Tube

Recording by Richard Dunn, Gracenote Studio, Cardiff, UK

Circle Song - John and Cyprian at Boulder Integral 

My Soul's Companion  and Hidden in my Silence both recorded in his hermitage. There are more like this to find.

Thomas Merton Video: sound track by Cyprian and John Pennington.

Circle Song for the school children at Mt Madonna.

Sirens - 2009 Animas Festival in New Mexico

2009 Integral Institute Concert and Retreat and visit with Ken Wilber.